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Sustainable Humanitarian Future and Foresight


January 18, 2024 - 15:00-16:00

Title: Sustainable Humanitarian Future and Foresight (in Arabic Language)

Learning Objectives:

Participants will develop a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape of humanitarian efforts. The course will explore future scenarios, emerging challenges, and innovative solutions within the context of humanitarian action. Attendees will gain foresight skills, enabling them to anticipate, navigate, and contribute to the dynamic and ever-changing future of humanitarian work.

The Online Course will be deliver in Arabic Language.

Speaker :

Eng. Khaled Al Attar

Director-General, DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Organisation
Director-General of the International Congress for Health Specialties
Founder and Chairman of GADHA


Eng. Khaled Al Attar is an entrepreneur and expert in training, development, entrepreneurship, protocol, and etiquette. He demonstrated exceptional prowess across all facets of his profession, transformed lots of lives, and ignited motivation in their professions. He also has a significant influence on guiding numerous individuals to transform their ideas into thriving businesses!



Engineer Khaled Habib Al Attar is the Director-General at DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Organization, a globally recognized non-profit organization with a broad international footprint. In this capacity, he oversees the administration of diverse charitable, humanitarian, educational, and aid initiatives. This includes the strategic coordination of the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development Conference and Exhibition (DIHAD) and its associated events. Through his dedicated efforts, DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Organization achieved a significant milestone by establishing DIHAD Humanitarian College. This educational institution, operating under the auspices of DIHAD Organization, offers an unprecedented international humanitarian master’s degree program in Sustainable Humanitarian Actions. The College’s establishment represents a commitment to advancing education in the humanitarian sector and fostering innovation in sustainable humanitarian practices.

Eng. Khaled Al Attar also serves as the Director-General at the International Congress for Health Specialties (ICHS), a distinguished consortium of global experts and professionals committed to providing advanced continuing education, professional development, research, and innovation, with its headquarters in the UK. ICHS is an internationally recognized platform that inspires medical and healthcare professionals across 438 specialties and subspecialties. In his capacity, Eng. Khaled directs ICHS activities spanning 189 countries, overseeing the organization’s overall strategy and ensuring the continuous implementation of its missions and values.

In Addition, Eng. Khaled Habib Al Attar is the Founder and Chairman of GADHA, one of the region’s leading training and consulting organizations. He took his Higher Diploma in Applied Science in Mechatronics Engineering at Higher Colleges Technology in 2010. Then, in 2012, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science in Mechatronics Engineering from the same Institution. He then acquired his Master’s Degree in 2018 from Rochester Institute of Technology, where he majored in Engineering and Engineering Management.

Eng. Khaled holds an esteemed position as a member of the Executive Board and Regional Director of the Middle East for the Euro-Mediterranean Music Academy for Peace (EMMA for Peace). As a key figure within one of the largest international organizations dedicated to music, education, and peace diplomacy, Eng. Khaled collaborates with United Nations entities, including UNICEF and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. His involvement with EMMA extends to orchestrating significant international events, notably the World Summit of Nobel Peace Prize winners for two consecutive years, as well as numerous conferences and global gatherings.

Eng. Khaled holds the distinction of being an Associate Fellow of Higher Education from the United Kingdom, a credential earned following an illustrious tenure of over eight years as a lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering department at the Higher Colleges of Technology.

A leader in education and leadership, Eng. Khaled is among the pioneering graduates of the Executive Leaders Program for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a transformative initiative by the United Arab Emirates Government Leaders Program. His commitment to professional development is further evident through his participation in various government leadership programs, including the Influencing Leaders Program by the Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Leadership Development (MBRCLD), and the Hope Makers Development Program, developed by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI).

Key Achievements:

  • Participated in various government leadership programs such as the Influencing Leaders Program by the Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Leadership Development (MBRCLD), and the Executive Leadership Program for the Fourth Industrial Revolution by the UAE Government Leaders Program (UAE GLP). He also took part in the Hope Makers Development Program – developed by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI)
  • Associate Fellow of Higher Education Academy from the United Kingdom
  • Associate Fellow of Mechanical Solid Modeling (Solidworks)- International
  • Former Engineering Faculty, Higher Colleges of Technology
  • Emerging International Leader from Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Community Award HCT-UAE
  • HCT Research and Entrepreneurship award
  • Best Innovative Idea HCT-UAE
  • National Treasure 2016
  • EMMA Golden Angel Medal
  • Best University Student at Hamdan Award