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Health Cyber Security Summit

Jacob K. Javits Convention, New York, USA

November 27, 2022 - 10:00 - 17:00

7 CME Points

About the Summit:

Health Cyber Security Summit will be held in cooperation with Greater New York Dental Meeting. The event aims to address the pressing requirement to align cyber security systems and policies with patient safety programs to ensure high quality care, while mitigating challenges that can affect clinical outcomes, healthcare organizations, healthcare cyber security providers and protecting patient data. This event will educate not only the public, but also regulators, operators, providers, insurers, academia, influencers, investors and stakeholders on how to analyze, plan, collaborate and put into action a sustainable healthcare cyber security system for safer communities.


  • Harmonize cybersecurity systems and policies with patient safety programs to ensure high quality healthcare and protection of patient data.

  • Develop an interactive platform between specialists to discuss challenges and opportunities in the field of smart healthcare systems.

  • Develop a system of continued education (CE) in the Healthcare cybersecurity sector to develop qualified human cadres.

Who Will Attend:


  1. Develop global healthcare cyber security standards that shall be adopted globally by healthcare organizations and accredited by the International Congress for Health Specialties – ICHS.
  2. Provide a platform under Waterfalls Global initiatives thus enhancing and empowering healthcare stakeholders’ readiness and speed of response to cyber security attacks through Continuing Education (CE), programs.
  3. Encourage exchange of knowledge through public and private healthcare partnerships in order to develop a sustainable and resilient healthcare cyber security system.
  4. Spread awareness among healthcare stakeholders when it comes to the importance of coordination with law enforcement, health authorities and agencies in order to address threats and recover from cyber security attacks.

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Accredited By – ICHS

The International Congress For Health Specialties – ICHS certifies that the Waterfalls Global who are organizing the Health Cyber Security Summit adopting a lecture and panel discussion learning format on November 2022 ,27 shall be awarded 7 ICHS CME Credits

HCSS Program:

Join us in creating safer communities