Waterfalls Global Award


Award Summary

The Waterfalls Global Award for Healthcare Sectors is a global initiative launched by the United Arab Emirates in November 2021 in the implementation of the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to enhance the capabilities of medical professionals around the world and serves as one of the UAE’s global contributions to honouring frontliners all over the world in appreciation of their vital role, humanitarian services, and sacrifices for the sake of protecting their communities and their safety, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This prestigious initiative invited organisations and individuals from across the world to nominate exceptional individual contributions from the health profession who faced front-line adversity during the COVID 19 Pandemic. Those nominated may or may not still be with us today but through the organisations and communities they represented have the opportunity to share their experiences and recognize their sacrifices, and achievements.

Vision Statement

“Recognizing those who served the health profession with distinction when called upon during times of adversity”

Waterfalls Global Award Ceremony

The Waterfalls Global Award Ceremony was held on 5 July 2022, where the United Arab Emirates President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan received at Qasr Al Bahr Majlis the winners of the ‘Waterfalls Global Award’ along with a number of the Award’s jury members and staff in the presence of His Highness Lieutenant General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior of the United Arab Emirates.

His Highness congratulated the winners of the award, including frontline doctors, nurses, the families of those who sacrificed their lives while fulfilling humanitarian tasks, and the award’s staff.

For their part, the winners – who represent different countries – expressed their great gratitude for winning the global award, being a tribute to the values of giving in the service of humanity at large and a token of appreciation for the sacrifices made by frontliners to safeguard their communities.

It’s worth mentioning, that a total of 300 participants from around the world were nominated for the award, 78 of whom were shortlisted and 15 won.