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Quality and Sustainability in Healthcare Leveraging on the Opportunities of Automation and Virtualization

IFM Webinars

February 23, 2021 - 19:00 - 20:00

Topic Description :

Quality and Sustainability in Healthcare Leveraging on the Opportunities of Automation and Virtualization

Learning Objectives:
  1. Understanding the value of operations management to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of health services
  2. How the operations management could sustain the virtuous cycle of program planning and just-in time management to meet the needs of the organization and patients
  3. How to exploit automation tools and solutions to optimize operations management, taking into account the increasing virtualization of care processes

Speaker :

Dr. Verdiana Morando
Adjunct Professor
College of Healthcare Management & Economics – Gulf Medical University
Head of Education and Consultancy at GSD Healthcare

 About the speaker:

Verdiana Morando, adjunct professor in healthcare management at Gulf Medical University, College of Healthcare management, economics and policy; Head of eduction and consultancy at GSD Healthcare, Dubai (UAE), International office of San Donato Hospital Group; research fellow at the Cergas Research Centre on health and social care services management at Bocconi University (Milan). She has an experience of more than fifteen years in healthcare management and health policymaking. She holds a European Ph.D. (Marie Curie Programme) in Organisational and Managerial Sciences from Manchester Business School, an MSC in Commissioning Health Services and health policy from Birmingham University (Health Service Management Centre), an MSC in Human Resources Management from the University of Milan, and PG certificate in policy analysis from the University of Milan. She graduated in Theoretical and Moral Philosophy at the Catholic University of Milan. Among her work experience, she worked at Bocconi Business School as associate professor of practice management in the Health Policy Division; she was a consultant at the Lombardy Region Institute for research and statics for the strategy unit of health policy analysis, and at ISTUD Foundation Business School (health practice). She joined several international research programs, including projects with NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) in the UK, the European Health Observatory on Healthcare System and Policy, the WHO expert panels for Healthcare system Governance. She is a member of different international management academies and articles on peer-reviewed journals and health policy reports and white papers.

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