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Leadership & Empowerment in Healthcare


January 14, 2021 - 18:00 - 19:00

Topic Description :

Leadership & Empowerment in Healthcare

Learning Objectives:
Leadership & Empowerment: Leadership plays key role in any industry and more so in healthcare. Here empowerment is the important component and without empowering, leadership is incomplete. The webinar will provide insight in to this complex subject.

Speaker :

Leadership & Empowerment in Healthcare

Dr. Girdhar Gyani

Dr. Girdhar Gyani is the Director General, Association of Healthcare Providers (India), which is working for building capacity in Indian health system through advocacy with government and education to the healthcare providers with focus on making healthcare safe and affordable.

Prior to this Dr Gyani was Secretary General, Quality Council of India, an apex national body responsible for establishing and operating national accreditation structure and promoting quality in all walks in life. Dr Gyani has been instrumental in establishing of National Accreditation Structure for Hospitals (NABH) with global recognition, bringing patient safety & healthcare quality in the forefront in India.