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Diabetes, Myokines and Exercise Prescription: Review

IFM Webinars

November 10, 2020 - 16:00 - 17:00

Topic Description :

Diabetes, Myokines and Exercise Prescription: Review

Learning Objectives:
– Myokines and functions – Current review
– Exercise parameters related to Myokines in prediabetes or overweight
– Exercise parameters related to Myokines in healthy individuals
– Myokines are marker for exercise

Speaker :


Dr. Ramprasad Muthukrishnan

Associate Professor
College of Health Sciences – Gulf Medical University

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Prasad has specialist experience in physiotherapy and rehabilitation particularly neuro-musculo skeletal issues and  postural control related task retraining.  He is licensed MOH Physiotherapist, Associate professor and Program Director at GMU.  Dr. Prasad was a Post-Doctoral Fellow of prestigious DST-CSI- Cognitive Science and received training in translational neuroscience at Capital Medical University, Beijing and community physiotherapy training at RKMU, UNESCO chair for studies for executive play development in children. He received the 2019 Excellent Paper Award from the Society of Physical Therapy Science, Japan for his Randomised control trial on Diabetes Frozen shoulder. He received over 5 million worth of research grants and conducts randomized controlled trials on physiotherapy, back-care and education. His research works received media focus to name a few; Times of India, DNA, and HuffPost. He has worked in various capacities such as clinical head, a member in clinical audit, library, media, the board of studies, academic council, research, assessment committees and team physio for national and international tournaments. He communicated numerous research papers, presented at conferences and contributed as a resource person.