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Addressing Common mental health disorders like Anxiety and Depression

IFM Webinars

July 26,2021 - 16:00 - 17:00

Topic Description :

Addressing Common mental health disorders like Anxiety and Depression
Learning Objectives:
  • Equip you to correctly identify, diagnose and provide suitable treatment options, including referral to a specialist.
  • Know the outline of the epidemiology of depression and anxiety disorder
  • Understand DSM-5 criteria for diagnoses
  • Comorbidities
  • Pharmacological management of depression and anxiety
  • Goal of intervention
  • Under-treatment & limitation of current treatment modalities.

Speaker :

Dr. Roshan Jain

MBBS, MRCPsych(UK), MMedSc (Univ of Nottingham), CCST (UK). Senior Consultant Psychiatrist & De-addiction Specialist, Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore Professor of Psychiatry at International Medical School (Bangalore Campus)

Brief on presentation:

There are several instances in life that cause us anxiety and depressed mood. While this is a normal reaction to stressful situations, excessive worry or fear and ongoing mood problems can become debilitating. Such situations could indicate a clinical condition such as anxiety disorders or major depression.

Being in the medical profession, we come across patients with a variety of health issues. Many health issues are not just physical but psychological. For example, patients with anxiety and panic can display physical symptoms that imitate cardiac problems. Likewise, after a heart attack or stroke, one may experience secondary anxiety and depression, which can negatively impact recovery and engagement with treatment.

Studies have noted the prevalence of stress in primary care or a physician’s clinic as high; about 60–80% of visits may have a stress-related component and may manifest as physical symptoms or psychological or psychiatric symptoms.

In the wake of pandemics and restrictions, we a seen a surge of new mental health episodes and worsening of preexisting conditions. Mental health illness has come to the forefront, and receiving due attention, can no longer be ignored. A full blow mental health crisis is looming upon us.

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