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About ICHS

The International Congress for Health Specialties – ICHS, is headquartered in the United Kingdom, and is recognized as an international platform to inspire medical and healthcare professionals from over 438 different specialties and subspecialties to provide solutions to today’s most pressing challenges in the medical and healthcare fields through advancing continuing medical education, continuing professional development, research, innovation, and excellence in healthcare for all communities around the world.

ICHS is the collective global effort of experts and professionals who aspire to contribute and commit to community service for the sole purpose of helping humankind across all regions of the globe without any bias toward race, religion, ethnicity, or location.

  • Global recognition of ICHS Membership Status
  • Access to all CME/CPD Programs and Activities that are recognized and accredited by ICHS globally
  • Access to educational and training opportunities at a local and international level that are recognized and accredited by ICHS
  • Access to Professional, Personal, and Career Development Certifications
  • Unlimited access to ICHS’s library of Career Development Webinars
  • Unlimited access to On-Demand ICHS-accredited webinars and other educational and training tools through the ICHS Virtual Learning Platform – DISCAMUS
  • Access to full postgraduate, continuous education and diplomas scholarships opportunities
  • The opportunity to become a member of one of ICHS’s Chapters and Alliances
  • The opportunity to become an Associate Fellow, Fellow, or Senior Fellow
  • Access to ICHS Exclusive Local and International Meetings
  • Access to the latest ICHS updates, news, and promotions via E-Mail Subscriptions
  • Exclusive member discounts on Registration Fees for CME/CPD Activities and International Conferences that are recognized and accredited by ICHS
  • Access to ICHS Volunteering Opportunities

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